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Steampunk Stace is excited to offer a FREE download of an instrumental Irish tune, ‘Return from Fingal’ recorded on his 1915 Harp Guitar!

Say you’ve never heard of a Harp Guitar, no worry, I’ll introduce you……..

It can be this simple: The Harp Guitar is a regular guitar with additional ‘floating’ strings attached!

Typically these are bass strings (sub-bass) but can be higher pitched strings (super trebles). The Harp Guitar you’ll hear on your FREE download is a Dyer Harp Guitar made by the Larson Brothers – Carl and August! They created about 100 of those Dyers and the one  you will hear was made circa 1915 and boasts six sub-bass strings!

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” Steampunk Stace plays some great stuff! He’s writing new music for the old Harp Guitar that is breathing new life into that long neglected instrument. What he plays on six string is just as good. Do give him a listen!”  – John Renbourn  – Master Fingerstyle Guitarist

” Steampunk Stace is one of a handful of Master Harp Guitarists in today’s growing acoustic scene. Don’t miss a chance to hear this electrifying acoustic Harp Guitarist!”  – John Doan – Grammy nominee

” Steampunk Stace is one of the most versatile Masters of the Harp Guitar I know. His compositions are as flawless as his Mastery of the instrument.” – Bob Hartman – Author and Grandson of the Larson Bros.


For a limited time SPS is giving away a FREE single recorded on his 1915 Dyer Harp Guitar!

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