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Check out samples from 5 of the 12 Incredible tunes below!


1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
2. The Outsider
3. Over The Rainbow
4. Georgia
5. Leader of The Band

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As with most  recordings – the tune list becomes paramount to the project and I eventually settled on recording some of my most requested tunes. Turns out that none of these tunes are from the same era as that old Harp Guitar – not by a long shot – so I thought “1909 Ahead of It’s Time” would make sense for the title!

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Awakening of the Spirit

1. Return From Fingal
2. Scarborough Fair
3. Reflection of Another World
4. Tuckers Dream
5. Awakening of the Spirit

Click Here To Download “1909 Ahead of its Time”
and your FREE copy of “Awakening of the Spirit” Now!

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