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1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
2. The Outsider
3. Over The Rainbow
4. Georgia
5. Leader of The Band



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This was a very special project for me. I had acquired in 2006 – an instrument that has to be one of the most advanced, complex and acoustically engineered works of functional art in the entire musical world. It’s a 1909 Stahl Harp Guitar built by the Larson Brothers. You see, this guitar has a smaller guitar built inside of the larger guitar, giving it a unique sound. Add to that the wood is well over 100 years old and the sonic bandwidth is nothing short of spectacular! The tone – like no other! But I wondered if it may only sound that way sitting behind it as the player! Wonder no more; Kim Person- sound engineer for Stephen Bennett and Tommy Emmanuel captured the sound of this instrument like I have never heard -like no one has ever heard! I am so excited to share with you, for the first time ever on a rare and truly one of a kind instrument – “1909 Ahead of It’s Time” a CD and digital download album recorded specifically to exploit the monstrous tone of this unique Harp Guitar!

The tunes arranged for this project were simply selected based on audience requests over the past few years. None of the tunes were composed during the Era when the Stahl was first created (ahh, that must have been a time in Chicago) so I decided to call the album ‘1909 Ahead of It’s Time’ !

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