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Not only GREAT looking, this high quality T-shirt is made from a cotton blend for long life and great wearability!

Graphics include a SPS performance with his 1909 Stahl Harp Guitar in a Steampunk setting!

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Designed by local artist Jamie Borders, this Steampunk Stace (SPS) Tee is striking!! We chose local photographer’s, Jim Walker of Surfdog Photography, shot of a live SPS performance opening for Roy Bookbinder at Ray Lewis’s Mudville Music Room in Jacksonville FL – early 2017 for the main graphic on the back of the Tee.  We also used my Steampunk Stace logo for the front left pocket area – remember, the Tee’s are pocketless!!

Jamie created this entire Steampunk theme around Jim’s photo and we branded Steampunk Stace for posterity – subject to change at whim, of course.  Part of the benefit of our collaboration was an inroad to a quality Tee Shirt producer, which Jamie offered. We are loading the wagon!!

So NOW we have these GREAT LOOKING and wearing SPS Tee’s! You will be impressed with the way these Tee’s wear and wash!  I appreciate your support and really Thank You for your purchase!

Let me know how you like it!! Cheers –SPS !

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